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Are you an app developer? Or are you working with an app development team?

AppGlu helps developers build apps faster and launch sooner… without requiring any new frameworks or proprietary development tools, or rearchitecting how your app is built. Unlike other mobile application development platforms, with AppGlu you have the freedom to continue using your favorite native development tools, languages and frameworks.

That’s why we call AppGlu the mobile app development platform of choice.

Native App and Web App SDKs – Simple to Integrate and Source Code Too

Lightweight software development kits (SDKs) are available for native iOS and Android apps, and HTML5/JavaScript web apps.  SDKs include documentation, source code, and Ready-to-Run sample apps, and feature the AppGlu Content Sync Engine, which makes it easy to create a “connected app” and sync your app’s local data to the AppGlu managed mobile backend.

In just a few lines of code, you get:

  • Data synchronization, without having to redo your data models
  • Ability to change your app’s content without recompiling or redistributing your app
  • Offline caching, so users can work offline
  • Content analytics to know what users are accessing
  • Push notifications that can be customized based on the content and analytics

Web Services APIs

AppGlu is also accessible via a RESTful API and a JavaScript API, making it easy to integrate your own Web services with AppGlu, or even embed AppGlu functionality into your Web site.

AppGlu Certified Development Partners

Are you an experienced mobile app development company?

Become an AppGlu certified development partner and grow your business. Companies regularly contact us looking for app development assistance to integrate AppGlu. As an AppGlu Certified Developer, we pass these opportunities on to you.

Contact us to learn more about the marketing benefits and financial benefits of becoming a certified development partner.

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